Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As any American I been suffering with this economy, and I start to think on ways of expend less money, but still enjoy the think that I love the most.

I have to confess I'm a beauty junky, everything about beauty products and makeup are my thing; but with this economy I have been force to give up some luxury that I was use to but still I don't want to sacrifice my looks.

Some of the ways to cut on expenses is on do-it-yourself things. Instead of paying for the service I learn on how to do it, so that way I still pampering my self without paying for the service.

In that note, one of the thing that I use to enjoy was going to the salon to get my nails done (acrylics nails), but since things been tide I have to give up that. But at the same time I didn't want to sacrifice the look of my hands just because I can't pay anymore to somebody to do it. So after a lot of research on products and techniques I find this amazing kit that I can do at home and have the same results that I have when I use to go to the nail salon. And HALLELUJAH, this was amazing no only because my nails look exactly like when I use to go to the salon, but because was so easy to do. The product the I'm talking about is A.S.P Quick Dip Acrylic Dipping Powder System is sold on Sallys Beauty Salon and it cost around $15.00, less than one full set of acrylic on the salon. This kit come with everything you need to do a full set nails and is so easy only three step and you are done.

One advice that I have to give you is that before starting the process make sure that the nails tips are completely glue it to your nails, because if you leave any gap that could cost you later that the nails are going to lift. And another thing is when applying the brush on glue make sure that didn't touch your skin because that too could cost you lifting of the acrylics.

Even so that the kit come with 20 white tips it is a good idea to buy another set just in case that you damage any tip.

The ones that I buy was A.S.P. 100 white tips. It's cost about $9 (Sallys Beauty Salon). That way you have extras just in case.

The kit is very generous size for the money as well as the quality. I make a full set plus 2 weeks ago I do a fill-in and I still have plenty of product.

So if you are like me that love to have your nails done but done want to pay the salon price, give this kit a try, you will not be disappointed.