Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm really angry today. I'm always doing the right. Always going beyond. Always 100%. Always do the best I can do. But guess what? No one notice that or ever said anything. But I just made one mistake and it's a miracle. Everybody noticed that, everybody pointed that out.

It's not fair. Just one stupid error and now this. I can't make any other mistake because I would be out.

All the hard work that I been doing all this time being wash out for only one insignificant mistake.

Now what? Now I have to think a 1000 times every step I made, every word I said because if is not what the other is expecting or what it I would lose everything.

This is not fair at all. People should thing before they act. No because they made of a company they should take it over an employee that is trying to help and it's following the company policies.

And no because is not what you want to heard take over that person and put it in a position that person could lose their job.

Don't play with people income, specially when they are follow the rules and policies that they told them that need to follow. If you are mad at the company, think first before you make a big show at it and involve that employee and put it in a bad position and made that person to lose his/her job just because you are mad.

Think this: put yourself first on the position of that employee. Would like to that person to do what you just did to me and made me lose my job.

Don't be a b@#!? And think about it.
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