Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beauty tip

19 Insider Beauty Secrets

Top hair and makeup pros reveal their best tips, tricks and products

1. Plump and defrizz strands
"Mix a dime-size amount each of volumizing gel and shine serum in your hand, then run through damp hair," says hairstylist Campbell McAuley.

2. Create "imperfect" curls
After drying your hair with a diffuser, use two different-size irons.

3. Set the style
Finish by applying a few drops of leave-in conditioner to the ends. "This adds hold and hydrates the hair," says McAuley. To finish, smooth with a paddle brush.


4. Soften brows
Use an at-home color kit to go one shade lighter than your hair. "Most people try home bleaches, but they're less natural-looking," says makeup pro Fiona Stiles. Dab Aquaphor around brows to protect skin.

5. Lengthen lashes
"Place longer clusters in the middle -- not the outer corners -- for the most believable look," says Stiles.

6. Emphasize lash line
Apply black liner underneath upper lash lines and between lashes.

7. Mix mascaras
To make lashes pop, use one coat of lengthening and one coat of volumizing mascara. Afterward, remove excess and evenly separate lashes with a disposable wand.

8. Add color strategically
Use it just on the lower rim, says Stiles: "It looks more sophisticated when you focus on one area."

9. Highlight eyes
Dab a light cream shadow in a sideways-V shape at the inner corners. This catches the light, "adding width to the eye," says Stiles.

Lips & Nails

10. Fill in lips
To help lipstick last, fill in the entire lip with a neutral pencil. "Roll the tip in the palm of your hand to warm it up," says Stiles. "This will prevent hard lines."

11. Brush on lipstick
Starting at the center of the mouth and blending outward, work color into the lip. Blot with a tissue, then go over edges with a Q-tip.

12. Add shine
Make lips look fuller by applying shimmery gloss to the center of the bottom lip.

13. Soften edges
Dip a sponge in powder and dab it around the perimeter of the mouth. "This will mat down the lipstick, keeping the focus on the glossy part of the lip," says Stiles.

14. Highlight Cupid's bow
Apply shimmer to the V-shaped indent of the upper lip.

15. Elongate nails
A neutral matte polish makes fingers look longer and slimmer.


16. Tone down redness
Use your finger to press sheer concealer around nose, eyes and chin. "Your body's heat will help it melt into skin," says Stiles. Dot a drier formula (like Revlon's, below) onto pimples.

17. Go darker
Instead of heavier foundation, choose a lightweight formula that's a bit darker than your skin tone. "Many women wear sunscreen, so their skin looks lighter than it really is," says Stiles. "Even if you don't, a slightly darker foundation will give skin an instant warmth."

18. Layer cheek colors
Rub cream bronzer into the apples of cheeks, then blend pink blush over the bronzer. "This makes the color look like it's coming from within your skin," says Stiles.

19. Enhance bone structure
Apply highlighter in a C shape, starting at the temples and extending out to the top of cheekbones.