Friday, June 12, 2009

Fashion tip

The Dos and Don’ts of Sundresses
By Jenny Feldman

DO look for special details.

The off-the-shoulder neckline and dropped-waist cut make this girl’s floral minidress super cute—and extra comfy. Love it with the mirrored shades!

DON’T overdo your print mixing.

We’re all about flowers and animal prints but not necessarily in the same outfit.

DO accessorize boldly.

New fashion math: Three fun bangle bracelets plus one major pair of earrings equals a big style statement.

DON’T wear a tent.

Great hat, but there’s nothing flattering about this big below-the-knee dress. When doing the baby-doll thing, make sure the hem hits your lower thigh for a super cute summertime look.

DO pick a sexy halter.

It’ll emphasize your shoulders and waist and draw attention to your gorgeous face. Bonus points for a bright color.

DON’T confuse a nightgown with a dress.

Is she sleepwalking? This housedress shouldn’t go beyond the bedroom.

DO take your dress out at night.

Trade in your flip-flops for some strappy heels and—voilá—it’s a sexy going-out look!

try too much at once.

The slit, the crazy colors, the ruching at the waist—this is one crazy fashion mix-up.

DO top it off with a cool jacket.

Survive the summer AC in style! What works here? A chic black cropped piece over a hot pink dress.

DON’T get too girly.

Pretty In Pink is a movie, not a head-to-toe style philosophy. Please, don’t!

DO try bold prints and patterns.

As seasons change—and suddenly temperatures skyrocket—that’s your cue to try something fresh and new, like a tropical-print dress. Keep things from getting too wild by sticking to simple accessories.