Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fitness & Health

Summer is the season for family fitness

Longer days and warm, sunny weather make summer a great time to focus on family fitness. Exercise helps everyone have more energy, sleep better and stay at a healthy weight. Exercise also lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Start early and stay active for better lifetime fitness

Start the fitness habit early for a lifetime of better health. A new study shows that children who are physically fit at age 13 are less likely to be overweight as adults. Here are some tips to help your family be more active:

* Don't keep your toddler in the stroller too much. Let your child walk with you.

* Give little ones plenty of time for free, active play in a safe area.

* Do something active together as a family every day. Go to the playground or walk around your neighborhood.

* Assign active chores such as washing the car or walking the dog.

* Keep TVs, computers and phones out of your child's bedroom. Limit total "screen time" to two hours or less a day.

* Look for kids' sports programs and exercise classes for adults at local schools, community centers and parks.

Show your children that exercise and good health are important by being active and making a commitment to fitness yourself.