Thursday, August 20, 2009

Diet & Nutrition

6 Cooking Tips That Save Time and Money

You don't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or spend a lot of money, to eat well. Try these suggestions:

* Buy foods that are easy to prepare, like pasta and tomato sauce, rice and beans, or canned tuna packed in water.

* Plan ahead and cook enough food to have leftovers. Casseroles, meat loaf, or a whole cooked chicken can feed your family for several days. (Be sure to freeze or refrigerate leftovers right away to keep them safe to eat.)

* Buy fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. Buy only as much as you will use so they won't go bad.

* Also buy frozen or canned vegetables (no salt added) and canned fruit packed in juice. They are just as good for you as fresh produce and will not go bad.

* Try canned beans like kidney, butter, pinto, or black beans. They are loaded with protein, cost less than meat, and make quick and easy additions to your meals.

* If your local store does not have the foods you want, or its prices are too high, go to another store or your local farmers' market. Share a ride or the cost of a taxi with friends.Last

Updated: 06/01/2007
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