Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Foot Massage with Almond Oil

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

The technique of applying pressure to certain areas of the foot for improved wellness has been used for thousands of years. Reflexology is the 20th century version of this practice, which uses applied manual pressure to key areas, or points, on the feet, which are believed to correspond with other areas of the body.

As part of a healthy-habit self-care plan, yogis have encouraged regular foot massage with the use of natural oils such as Almond Oil. Almond oil is an odorless oil known for it's skin supporting properties, and is suitable for all skin types. Best of all, this technique feels really great!

You will need: Almond Oil (organic if possible); two clean towels; socks

Find a comfortable and relaxing location to be able to apply the oil while seated.
Wash and dry your feet.

Place a towel or washable mat under your feet.

Take a small amount of almond oil and apply it to one foot, rubbing it over the entire foot, area by area. Press your fingers gently and firmly into the foot, using different techniques, such as a swirling motion with your thumbs, a gentle squeezing with both hands, or applying pressure to different areas of tension. Take as long as you need and really enjoy the experience. Don't press so hard that you cannot enjoy the experience.

After massaging your foot, rub it vigorously with a clean towel to remove any excess oils.

Repeat the above two steps on the opposite foot.

When finished, place socks on your feet. Do not walk on smooth surfaces, and do not take a standing shower right afterwards, as your feet will be slippery!

Or better yet, take a warm bath, and wash your feet thoroughly to remove the excess oils.